Experiential Learning to last a lifetime.

Whether you’ve spent a lifetime doing electoral work, are a super-volunteer looking to invest in your own innate abilities, or you’re thinking about doing this work over the long term, the Keystone Progress Campaign Practicum is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

We’ll be breaking up into teams, creating all the same resources, documents, and research one needs to be a successful campaign manager or operative, all in the confines of a three day intensive training. The coolest part? We’ll be using a real-world electoral example coming up in the 2020 cycle and putting our talents together, for real. No tedious seminars and pointless powerpoint reviews here - just a slew of seasoned operatives looking to share what they know with their colleagues to get their team across the finish line as the winner! We’ll have industry leaders available to guide teams in the right direction and provide meaningful connection long after the practicum is over.

At this retreat, you’ll:

  • create a field plan and GOTV plan, including targeting memos and a volunteer management strategy

  • cultivate a cumulative communications strategy, including paid, earned, and digital media, along with a messaging calendar

  • draft a finance and budget plan that will guide your fundraising goals, and learn how to do donor research and call time effectively

  • generate an opposition research document on your practicum opponent and learn about the importance of self-opposition research and crisis PR strategies

  • learn to expect the unexpected and keep the supply of coffee flowing!

coming soon.